Not Rocket Science Socks Pattern

We are convinced that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to knit socks!

Here at Graywood Designs we put our money where our mouth is, so we have written a sock pattern that we call "Not Rocket Science Socks."  Our pattern booklet contains the pattern for basic socks with size and stitch variations. The pattern includes detailed instructions for cable cast on and Kitchener stitch (grafting the toe) as well as many helpful hints. We have written the pattern for working on four double pointed needles with sock weight yarn.

Wanda's Designer Comment: You should have some experience working in the round on four double pointed needles before you tackle this pattern. Are you a brave knitter? Then, try the pattern but have a loving knitting buddy nearby to help you get started. Good luck! 


Our website offers over 60 colors of sock yarn. Be sure to click and see what you can make with our NRS Socks pattern and our yarn.


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