Two Together Scarf Kit

Here's a ball of of soft yarn that easily knits into a luscious scarf.

We start with one strand of Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece and one strand of Kid Seta mohair.  We use hand picked colors of both yarns that are practically spot on so that the colors blend. We wind both yarns into one ball so you can start knitting as soon as you open the package.

Knit together as one strand, the yarns form a soft and pliable fabric for a wonderful scarf that is about 6" x 54". The pattern, a variation of our popular Element Wrap, is included in the kit. The design uses a US #9 needle.

The yarn and pattern come packed with a frosty bag to use as a project or gift bag, a 36" length of organdy ribbon, some tissue paper, and several gold Graywood Designs stickers. Use the gift wrap supplies when you give the kit or the scarf.

Estimated knitting time: 7-10 hours. 

Content: Kit Seta -- 70% kid mohair, 30% silk. Cotton Fleece -- 80% cotton, 20% wool.

Yardage: approximately 200 yards per skein, two strands wound together.

Kit value: $26.00.The kit is a $26 value, offered for $19.95.

Colors: Lake Huron Teal or Maple Leaf Red. 

Our Two Together for Spring is a luscous green and uses bamboo yarn.

Wanda's Designer Comment:    Wow, this is a great combination! Our photography is a little wonky. The red is duller than the ball shows, definitely more toward a subdued red, but not tomato red. The teal is closer to the scarf shown with the jacket than the color in the ball.  
From my hand spinning experience, I learned that when fibers are blended, the best of a fiber comes forward, leaving the less desirable traits behind. That's what happens with these two strands held together. There is the warmth of a little wool, the strength of silk, the haze of mohair, and the feel of cotton. You will LOVE knitting this scarf.  


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